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Hash Rush Dev Update — New Version, Events, and Combat!

Merry Friday Voyagers!

Today is a special day for us as we’re kicking ourselves into a new gear, and with that, we are going to begin feeding you with a lot more information on the game, the development progress, and what our future plans are. How are we going to do that, you ask?

  • A new Weekly version of Hash Rush that will be updated every Friday and is available to everyone.

  • A Friday report (article) that covers the updates to the weekly version and also what the main focus has been for the team.

  • Where possible, an in depth look at the challenges/features of the game’s development, published on Wednesdays.

So, we’re getting things started today, looking at the major changes that have arrived in Hash Rush.

The Weekly Build The biggest news of this week is the addition of the Weekly Build. The team has long been thinking about what the best way would be for us to show you our continued progress when it comes to developing the game. The main reason for this consideration is that even though we do regularly update Hash Rush, occasionally the time between updates can be a bit long. The cause of this is not that we’re not actively working on the game, instead it is most commonly due to the version that we are working with being too unstable to release as a ‘live’ version. So, after numerous discussions between the Hash Rush teams, we decided that it would be best to have two public versions of the game. The Weekly version (updated every Friday and can be potentially unstable) and the Production version of the game which is the stable ‘live’ version. This also lines up very nicely with our belief that being open with the community is core to the ideals of Hash Rush. Accessing the Weekly Build As mentioned earlier, the Weekly build is fully open to everyone with an account in Hash Rush. However, if you have already downloaded Hash Rush, you will need to download our new client from our website. Existing Players Once you have the new client, simply overwrite the existing client (with the new one of course) and you’re good to go. We do recommend overwriting your existing client as this way you will not need to re-install the Production version of the game (provided that it was up to date before you downloaded the new client). New Players If you are new to Hash Rush and have not yet played the game, then all you need to do is move the client to the directory that you wish to install the game to and run the client. Currently we do not have a feature that lets you choose where the game is installed to. This is something that we are working on in the future, but until then please do take note of that point. In both cases, once you run the client you will be presented with the option to play on Weekly or Production. Swapping between the two versions is simple as they are both installed to separate folders like so: Of course, the first time you play the game, you will need to let the game fully download. One final note about the process is that the Weekly version will download a lot slower than the Production version. This is not a bug, simply server related, but it is something that we are looking to improve in the future. New Features in the Weekly Version The weekly version has the following features that are not found in the Production version of Hash Rush:

  • The winter theme has been activated

  • New snow effects to improve the winter theme

  • A beginner planet has been added, in this planet the Crystal Scourge is entirely passive and will not attack you. This planet will become a tutorial planet of sorts.

  • Initial elements of the upcoming winter event has been added (though should not be accessible yet).

Known Issues with the Weekly Version As mentioned earlier, the Weekly version of Hash Rush is updated every Friday — no matter what the state of the game is. The only thing that we check for is that the login works, and that the player’s planet loads correctly. For the Weekly Version from the 11th of December the known issues are:

  • Major performance issues (stuttering) when moving around.

  • The camera will not zoom in on the Voyagers Bastion when you change planets.

  • A memory leak from the particle effects will sometimes (not always) cause the client to crash.

Development Focus In this section, we want to give you a brief overview of what we have been focusing on when it comes to the game’s development. We have intentionally obscured something in this screenshot!This week we’ve had 2 major (yet simple) focus points, working on the winter event, and identifying the causes of the combat related bugs and issues. Developer Focus: Winter Event Let’s start with what we are currently designing for the winter event. If you log into the Weekly version of the game, you’ll see that the winter theme has been activated and slightly modified so that snow is actually falling from the sky. However, that’s just a basic skin, the real focus has been on developing the systems for the upcoming winter event. To give you a rough idea of what the event will be like, this is the basic structure:

  • This event will focus on Crafting

  • When the event starts, players will receive a special blueprint — when crafted, the blueprint will be the grand prize.

  • Players who register during the event will also get the blueprint

  • To craft the grand prize, players need Crystals and two unique items that they unlock by completing the community goals.

Community Goals

  • Collect X amount of the unique event resources.

  • There are 2 new unique resources to collect for the event: Red Presents: These spawn on your planet in the same way that the normal unique resources do. Blue Presents: These are dropped (100%) when you destroy an enemy building.

  • When the community reaches the required amount of red presents collected they unlock item 1 that is needed to craft the grand prize.

  • When the community reaches the required amount of blue presents collected they unlock item 2 that is needed to craft the grand prize.

  • With both items, the player then pays for the crafting with Crystals and can craft the grand prize.

The presents that you need to collect.We are intentionally not spoiling what the grand prize is just yet!

Focus: Combat Bugs If you have played Hash Rush, you would have probably encountered a situation where when your units enter combat, instead of fighting they do what appears to be a dance, constantly stepping backwards and forward of each other. We joke around that this is an advanced AI that prefers dancing over fighting, but as we’re sure you know, this is not the case and is actually the biggest issue in the game, after all, who has ever heard of a successful RTS game with a wonky combat system, no one, that’s who! With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that we have been allocating a lot of time and effort into finding out what is wrong, and then looking at why. Finding out what is broken (or not working properly) is the easy part. Based on everyone’s reports (players and our own tests) the following are the major points of concern:

  • Large groups of friendly units have difficulties attacking enemies

  • Enemy units ignore any friendly units when traveling to the initial task/target

  • Enemy units often have difficulties targeting large numbers of friendly melee units

  • Friendly units often have difficulties attacking enemy units

Essentially, anything that is not 1v1 combat (and even that sometimes has problems) will have problems. While investigating the cause of the dancing units bug, we were able to see that the majority of the problems came from the pathfinding components of the game, primarily stemming from the fact that Hash Rush uses a sphere as the playing field giving the entire pathfinding system a lot more to do. Once we have pinned down the exact reason for the issues we will give you a much bigger and in-depth explanation.

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